Out of all the five senses man is endowed with , "vision" is unique among them. Eyes are undoubtedly our very windows to this world. Ambiguities in vision is no longer a factor associated with age instead owes its origin to a multitude of ever-changing factors in our milieu which include rising levels of pollution, increased sensitivity causing allergies, infections, etc. Eyecare has thus emerged as an issue of concern.

As an old maxim goes “Prevention is better than cure”. Since its very inception in 1973, Optho Remedies realized the gravity of concern surrounding eyecare. Therefore, we at Optho have focused both on “prevention” as well as “cure” as the two integral perspectives related to eyecare. In all its endeavors, Optho Remedies has strived earnestly to provide products of superior quality which are tailor-made for specific needs.

Current Openings

Area Sales Manager - South Mumbai
RSM - W.B./Varansi/Mumbai
Sr.Manager/ASM/RM - West Bengal
ASM - Ghaziabad.
ASM - South Delhi-Gurgaon-Faridabad.
ASM - North Delhi-Haryana
ASM - Punjab.
RSM - Punjab-Himachal Pradesh
ZSM - North India.
Medical Representative - PAN INDIA