Our History

Perseverance, determination and an unwavering commitment to serve fellow human beings have shaped Optho’s successful journey in the world of eye care medicines. The four decades of our glorious history have been dotted with numerous challenges that have tested the strength of character and resolve of our organization. With all humility, we take pride in being true to the values with which the organization was born. It was the vision of Late Sri R.K. Agarwal to have an organization under the aegis of which the country gets an incessant supply of drugs and medicines related to Eye-care. Thus, the year 1973 witnessed the birth of Optho Remedies.

Initial phases of development included marketing of ophthalmic products on sole-selling rights under the directorship of Late Shri R.K. Agarwal. In a period spanning over thirty nine years (as on 2012)Optho Remedies has traversed a journey which includes several troughs and crests, both acting cumulatively to help catapult the organization in the direction of carving its own niche.

Optho began its activities with marketing of pharmaceutical products with exclusive sales rights in Allahabad and adjoining areas.Optho Remedies was transformed into Optho Remedies Pvt. Ltd. in 1975 embarking its foray into the Pharma sector with an enthusiasm level at its crescendo. In less than two years, the company consolidated its position, created a great reputation and its sales team was reaching out to customers across the length and breadth of UP and beyond.

Buoyed by its success and seizing emerging opportunities to establish itself at the forefront, Optho Remedies recorded a significant milestone in 1976 with the launch of its own manufacturing facility in Allahabad. Equipped with the latest instruments and employing highly qualified professionals, the manufacturing facility adhered to stringent standards of production and quality control, and set new benchmarks in the production of ophthalmic formulations in India.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing unit turned out to be a harbinger of the further audacious steps of Optho, when from 1982 onwards it decided to go for diversification in terms of range of products it was already dealing with. Optho Remedies had already established itself as a leader in this domain in Northern India, the company further consolidated its position with the launch of several new products to meet the diverse needs of those seeking high-quality eye care medicines as well as the medical fraternity.

20th March 1988 is one of the darkest days in the history of Optho Remedies, when it suffered a colossal loss with the demise of its Founder-Director Sri R.K. Agarwal, who was an epitome of honesty, hard work, determination and a vision which transpired hope among hundreds of people associated with Optho Remedies. It was at this juncture when Mrs. Raj Rani Agarwal took command as the M.D. of the company.

Soon Optho got its much awaited successors in the two sons of Late Sri R.K. Agarwal - Mr. Rajesh Agarwal(Director-Marketing) and Mr. Rakesh Agarwal(Director-Technical) who paved the way for Optho to escalate towards high echelons of success. These two young, enthusiastic and dynamic directors-- helped the organization in overcoming the challenges posed by the founder’s untimely demise. Their strong determination to set things right saw them working together through the crisis. And their efforts finally paid off.In 1991 Optho registered a record growth rate of 149%.

Optho Remedies has never looked back since then. It has achieved several milestones in its zealous efforts to attain superiority in terms of products and services being offered. As it enjoyed sustained growth with sales turnover increasing multifold by the turn of the century, the company became recognized across the country as a major player in the realm of ophthalmic drugs.

With soaring demand for our products, we undertook a strategic shift to ‘contract manufacture’, along with our home-production,in order to scale up our output and meet ever-increasing demand. This critical decision, which is working extremely well, has enabled us to grow even faster, to penetrate newer markets and to reach out to a much wider base of target customers.

While many deem perfection to be impossible, the concept of impeccability is the cornerstone of our manufacturing operations as we single-mindedly focus on achieving and maintaining “Zero defect” quality.To ensure this, we leave no stone unturned- whether it is with our products, processes or people.

Our long journey continues, as we forge ahead with an outstanding reputation and a strong presence across the country. Even as we break new ground with consistently improved product offerings, we have our feet firmly planted on the ground. We are guided by a shining beacon that constantly reminds us of our purpose to serve. We consider ourselves blessed with the opportunity to help gift clarity of vision. We will pursue this with tireless vigor and unflinching commitment.